Wednesday, August 21, 2013

UK Marketing Agency Award Uses "Charles Atlas" Branding

The UK's The Best Awards, which "champion the very finest in cutting-edge, integrated and inspiring marketing agency work produced by the UK's top creative agency talent," have a Charles Atlas-themed campaign for their awards this year. As co-sponsor The Guardian puts it:
If you think your agency has the talent to make the leap from lightweight to heavyweight, the Best Awards offer the perfect opportunity to showcase your work.
Considering the success and longevity of Atlas' own campaign, as designed and directed by adman Charles P. Roman, paying homage to Atlas this way makes good sense. If only they had gone further in emulating the Atlas ads themselves, instead of focusing just on Atlas as a "heavyweight" on a distressed background. Oh well, at least it's an officially sanctioned use:
Charles Atlas ® under licence from Charles Atlas Ltd,