Thursday, January 20, 2011

Charles Atlas Parodies - Determination and Transformation

I collect parodies of the famous "The Insult that Made a Man Out of 'Mac'" Charles Atlas advertisement, and I've posted what I call the "determination/ transformation" moments from the original ads as well as from many parodies to a Flickr set titled, perhaps unimaginatively, Charles Atlas Parodies - Determination and Transformation. Take a look and see some of the dozens of ways this iconic sequence has been adapted by a wide variety of cartoonists.

Above: Top - From the original advertisement. Bottom: Tom Motley, from "If Only There Were Heroes Here: A Lipogram in 'Mac,'" from MADE OUT OF "MAC" (TRUE FICTION #8), 2009.

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  1. And then there was the Killer of the Beach parody after Mac complained "Stop shooting me in the face with that bazooka."